This is a two-handed enneagram game. It is played by two players on a board in the shape of an enneagram.

There are 9 positions or stations or slots on the enneagram board. This is to be visualized as a “blank” enneagram board, with no reference to personality types; the numbers go up the left side 5-6-7-8 (these are the slots for “White”) and up the right side 4-3-2-1 (the slots for “Black”), meeting at the top in slot 9.

The game could be “staged” in a circular space with nine designated positions. It could also be played in a memory palace having nine positions, like Chur Cathedral with its 9 altars.

The theme of the game is given in advance so the players can meditate on it and plan moves. The two players play by occupying successive positions on opposite sides of the enneagram and assigning content to each. They can also make links between the content of the position they are currently occupying and the content of other positions already occupied by either player.

“White” and “Black” get five moves each. Each move is worth 5 points. The players score extra points by making links to the content of other already occupied positions: 1 point for a link to one of your own positions, but 2 points for a link to one of your opponent’s. At the end, Black has to move onto position 9, picking up on what White has put there and so summing up the game. So Black has more of a challenge than White, for which reason they have some procedure at the beginning like in chess to determine who is White and who is Black. The player with the most points accumulated wins.

In a “staged” version of the game (ludus sollemnis), there is a Magister Ludi who instructs the two players in their task, announces the theme to the audience, presides and adjudicates whether moves and links are legitimate, and declares a win or draw at the end.


What follows is a description of the moves and links in a sample game.


Theme: Hanged Man


Move 1 (White) to Enneagram Position 5

The Hanged Man in the Tarot pack is a symbol of man seeking spiritual enlightenment through ascetic practices and self-sacrifice.

Move 2 (Black) to Enneagram Position 4

Jacob’s all-night struggle with the mysterious stranger (Gen. 32, 24-29), whom he would not allow to depart till he had blessed him, is another symbol of spiritual enlightenment through ascetic practices and self-sacrifice.

Move 3 (White) to Enneagram Position 6

The mandrake is said to grow where a man has been hanged.

Link to hanged man (Posn 5).

Move 4 (Black) to Enneagram Position 3

Rachel, wife of Jacob, obtained mandrakes from Leah (Gen. 30, 14-16)

so that she might be fertile by Jacob.

link to Jacob (posn 4).

link to mandrake (posn 6).

Move 5 (White) to Enneagram Position 7

In Verdi’s Un Ballo in Maschera, the heroine, to win the love of the King, Ricardo, goes to pick a root from the place where men are hanged.

link to mandrake (posn 6)

link to Hanged Man (posn. 5)

link to Rachel who wins the love of Jacob (posn. 3).

Move 6 (Black) to Enneagram Position 2

Mussolini, having been shot by partisans, was hung upside down.

link to Hanged Man (posn 5) who in the Tarot picture is also upside-down.

link to the King, Ricardo, who was killed by conspirators (posn 7).

link to Verdi by place – Italy (posn 7)

Move 7 (White) to Enneagram Position 8

St Peter was crucified at Rome upside-down.

link to Hanged Man (posn 5) and Mussolini (posn 2) – upside-down.

link by place – Italy – to Mussolini (posn. 2)

Move 8 (Black) to Enneagram Position 1

The swastika is an Indo-Aryan firewheel symbol, originally right-handed, but Hitler adopted the left-handed version, which became a crooked cross or an inverted cross.

link to the inverted cross of St Peter (posn 8)

link to Mussolini (posn. 2) because of the Axis between Fascism and Nazism.

link to Rachel (posn 3): Rachel “weeps for her dead children; She will not be comforted for her children,because they are not” (Jer. 31, 15) – the swastika of Hitler is the symbol of the Shoah.

Move 9 (White) to Enneagram Position 9

Odin hung from the tree Yggdrasill for nine days and nights, pierced with his own lance, so that he might find wisdom.

link to Hanged Man (posn 5)

link to Jacob (posn 4) by persisting till he got the spiritual gift he sought.

Move 10 (Black) to Enneagram Position 9

Odin was saved and found wisdom when, after hanging there for nine days and nights, he looked down and saw certain runes written on the ground, and reached down and grasped them.(He must have hung upside-down.)

link to Mussolini (posn 2) and St Peter (posn 8) by being upside down

link to mandrake (posn 6) which, like the runes, is on the ground underneath the hanged man.

link to swastika (posn 1) because the Nazis regarded both runes and it as ancient „Aryan“ symbols.


In this sample game, White got 25 points + 70. Black got 25 + 95. So Black wins.


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